Property Management


Finally you can relax as we take all the hassle out of property by helping you with the management of your property.

We can offer you different levels of service depending on how much help you need.

Management Service 1 

Full management and maintenance of your property​


  • No voids to worry about

  • We source professional tenants ensuring they pass rigorous identity and credit checks  

  • We deal with all phone calls from tenants and we manage and pay for any unforeseen maintenance issues

  • We conduct regular property inspections

  • We guarantee the internal condition ensuring the property is returned to the owner in as good or better condition when the contract finishes

  • All contracts are produced through solicitor

The cost of this service will depend on the size and location of the property. Please call/text, or email to arrange a property visit

Andy 07866 426 948

The full management service is available through our affiliated company Cubos Properties Ltd. Cubos Properties Ltd is run by the same people but is geared towards a higher level of management service due to the necessary insurance requirements that are put in place to protect our landlords.

For more details please see 

Management Service 2

Maintenance Management


  • We will be the point of contact for your tenants regarding maintenance issues

  • We will assess any maintenance work that needs to be done then provide quotes for the landlord. The landlord will be responsible for those costs.

  • We will manage any maintenance work and tradespeople that needs to be done 

  • We will conduct regular checks to ensure the property is kept in good condition

To arrange a property visit or to talk through

Management Service 1


Management Service 2

Please call Andy on 07866 426 948

Or you can email me at:

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Cubos Properties Ltd is an affiliate partner to AMA Property Services and is owned and run by the same team